Welcome to Tarot Every Day. This site host recorded lectures on the Tarot and Cabala given by Jason Lotterhand.


There are two ways to access these lectures:


  1) Complete Sets: There are now three complete sets of lectures available below. Note that the Original Series includes all of the lectures with known dates from Set 1 and Set 2. Because Set 2 has accurate dates, all of the lectures in Set 2 can also be found in the Original Series section. Only a couple of the Set 1 lectures have known dates and are included in the Original Series section. 


2)  Original Series: Lectures are presented in the original series in which they were recorded. Each year has a Spring and Fall series although most series are incomplete. Also included are a few lectures with unknown dates which are not part of Set 1 or Set 1 compilations.


We hope to add more lectures as they become available.

 Please enjoy.


Complete Sets:  

Tarot Recordings Complete Set 1


Tarot Recordings Complete Set 2


Tarot Recordings Complete Set 3



 Original Series:

Tarot Recordings Original Series