This is the second set of lectures we have assembled. These recordings are grouped from the Fall 1990 Series (Keys 19. 20, 21) and the Spring 1991 Series (Keys 1-18) to form a complete set.

This is the third set of lectures we have assembled. These recordings are a compilation of tapes from Fall 1974 with the exception of Key 15 which is from Spring 1975. There are three additional Spring 1975 recordings (Keys 0, 1, and 21) available at the Original Series page.

We have tried our best to preserve the quality of the lectures but they were recorded 20-40 years ago on cassette tapes and as such some recordings have anomalies which we were not able to correct.

You can listen to each recording directly on the website or you can download individual lectures. Keep in mind that these recordings are between 10MB and 25MB each so please do not attempt to download these lectures if you are on a dial-up modem connection as it may take several hours for one download to complete. We also suggest downloading these one at a time. If you have trouble downloading the lectures please try a friend’s computer or access your personal technical resources to discover a solution.

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Tarot Lecture Recordings Set 3


Key 0: The Fool (Fall 1974)


Key 1: The Magician (Fall 1974)


Key 2: The High Priestess (Fall 1974)


Key 3: The Empress (Fall 1974)


Key 4: The Emperor (Fall 1974)


Key 5: The Hierophant (Fall 1974)


Key 6: The Lovers (Fall 1974)


Key 7: The Chariot (Fall 1974)


Key 8: Strength (Fall 1974)


Key 9: The Hermit (Fall 1974)


Key 10: The Wheel of Fortune (Fall 1974)


Key 11: Justice (Fall 1974)


Key 12: The Hanged Man (Fall 1974)


Key 13: Death (Fall 1974)


Key 14: Temperance (Fall 1974)


Key 15: The Devil (Spring 1975)


Key 16: The Tower (Fall 1974)


Key 17: The Star (Fall 1974)


Key 18: The Moon (Fall 1974)


Key 19: The Sun (Fall 1974)

Key 20: Judgement (Fall 1974)


Key 21: The World (Fall 1974)


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